About us

Who we are

Infrastructure Malta is the agency entrusted with the development, maintenance and upgrading of roads and other public infrastructure in the Maltese Islands.

Our responsibilities range from multi-million investments in the redevelopment of the country’s arterial road network to the development, reconstruction and maintenance of residential streets and other structures, including maritime facilities.

What we do

Our mission is to plan and execute the ongoing optimisation of the road network and other public infrastructure in the Maltese Islands, to ensure they can sustainably and dynamically support the country’s current and future economic, environmental and social development.

Historical Backround

In 2017, the Government of Malta announced an unprecedented €700 million, seven-year commitment to upgrade the quality and safety of the Maltese road network. For decades, the Maltese road transport systems lacked the necessary infrastructural investment to adequately meet the requirements of rising population figures and a fast-growing Maltese economy. At the same time, local councils, who had previously been entrusted with the maintenance of residential roads, did not always manage to secure the necessary resources for the appropriate maintenance of this infrastructure.

The Government’s 2017 pledge called for a dedicated entity capable of focusing on achieving these long-overdue infrastructural objectives. Infrastructure Malta was established in 2018 to gradually implement the Government’s plan for the upgrading of the road network. In 2019, it was also entrusted with the development and maintenance of maritime infrastructure in the Maltese Islands’ ports and other coastal locations.

Our values