Expertise and dedicated resources

Infrastructure Malta is gradually taking over the transport infrastructure maintenance and development responsibilities previously entrusted to Transport Malta, local councils and other entities currently involved in the upkeep of public infrastructure.

This re-organisation of infrastructural responsibilities allows Transport Malta to focus on its regulatory functions, such as the daily management and permitting of road operations, the development and promotion of alternative, sustainable modes of travel and the enforcement of traffic regulations and road safety measures. At the same time, as more residential roads are taken over by the agency, local councils will eventually be in a position to redistribute current road maintenance budgets to increased investment in other social initiatives in their community.

The employees of Transport Malta’s Roads and Infrastructure Directorate joined Infrastructure Malta in 2018, to ensure that their expertise in this field continues to support the country’s infrastructural development. These employees are being supported with continued professional development opportunities to acquire new skills and qualifications and to advance their career in infrastructure development. At the same time, Infrastructure Malta is also reinforcing this team with new technical and administrative personnel.

The agency is also evaluating new collaborations with other Government entities and with the private sector, to acquire additional skills, technical resources and expertise to meet its short-, medium- and long-term objectives. These partnerships are being considered for the initial infrastructural development required in the next few years, as well as the development and consolidation of ongoing maintenance and repair operations.