Future-proofing the road network

Infrastructure Malta’s mission is to ensure that the transport and maritime infrastructure of the Maltese Islands can meet the requirements of the country’s current and future economic and social development.

Some of the country’s arterial road links are already saturated, to the detriment of thousands of commuters who travel through them every day. At the same time, population and economic growth projections indicate that existing public infrastructure will be in greater difficulty to meet the country’s requirements within a few years.  

The development of improved facilities for alternative modes of travel can alleviate the country's dependence on private car travel. Infrastructure Malta seeks to invest in the development of safer spaces for all road users. This investment needs to ensure that land and sea transport systems do not hinder the country’s progress in the future. Malta's infrastructure needs to be optimised and sustainably expanded. Our roads and maritime facilities must also be adequately equipped to accommodate the adoption of future developments, such as electrification, shore supplies and autonomous vehicle technologies.    

In this regard, Infrastructure Malta’s projects seek to upgrade the quality of the existing infrastructure, whilst preparing it for the needs of commuters in the future.