Increased resources for residential roads

Residential roads in all localities are being gradually resurfaced or rebuilt, as necessary, by Infrastructure Malta, as part of its long-term plan for the upgrading of the Maltese road network.

A few years ago, local councils were entrusted with the maintenance and upgrading of residential roads in their territories. Unfortunately, these organisations were not provided with adequate financial and technical resources to adequately invest in the development of their localities’ roads.

Infrastructure Malta is now utilising the same level of road design and project implementation expertise adopted in the development of arterial network, for the gradual upgrading of the country’s residential roads as well.

Infrastructure Malta is also adopting a new, quicker contracting system for the services and materials required for the rebuilding of residential roads. Through this system, the Agency acquires the services required for the rebuilding of several roads through one contract, rather than conducting separate processes for each road. This procedure enables the agency to obtain increased economies of scale. It also avoids duplication of time-consuming procedures to procure the same resources through different contracts.