Safety and efficiency during works

Infrastructure Malta collaborates with its contractors to set realistic project timeframes and strict financial penalties and other deterrents to discourage delays and encourage increased increased safety and efficiency during works.

To reduce the difficulties of having different contractors engaged by different entities to complete the same project, Infrastructure Malta introduced a new system, whereby one contractor, engaged by the Agency itself, is entrusted with all works required in a particular project, even infrastructural interventions required by other entities (such as underground distribution systems for utilities and telecommunications service providers). The contractor carries out these additional works to the specifications of the service providers. This procedure reduces project timeframes and improves on-site coordination.     

The Agency is also working to constantly revise and improve site safety standards in all project sites. Besides adequate hoarding, illumination, and noise and dust abatement measures on site, contractors are also obliged to install adequate safety, directional and warning signage in surrounding areas.

Infrastructure Malta also provides its project teams with ongoing training opportunities to acquire and adopt new site safety best practices, in line with international standards.