A focused strategy

Upgrading the safety, efficiency and sustainability of Malta's infrastructure within a few years is not simply a question of sourcing a multi-million Euro investment and entrusting it to a number of contractors.

Infrastructure Malta is adopting a focused, yet comprehensive two-pronged strategy. Whilst implementing the Government’s commitment to rapidly improve the quality of the country’s road network and other infrastructure to meet the expectations of its users today, it also operates ongoing maintenance and optimisation programmes to ensure that these structures and systems continue to dynamically meet the changing requirements of the country's social and economic development in the future as well. 

Through this approach, Infrastructure Malta can also plan and identify the timelines of its investment across the country. Whilst different stakeholders expect to have the rebuilding of the roads they most-often use prioritised, the agency defines its plans on realistic timeframes and commitments, taking into consideration the resources at hand, the state of each and every road and the current and future requirements of different regions.