06 Sep

Further investments by Infrastructure Malta for extensive improvements in the Grand Harbour

  Infrastructure Malta is implementing further investments to improve upon commercial activities in the Grand Harbour, particularly to create more facilities for larger vessels. The agency is carrying out major dredging work in v ...

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03 Aug

Laying of KTAIP flyover deck

Infrastructure Malta lifted in place the first of seven steel structures of the new flyover deck of the Kirkop Tunnels and Airport Intersection Project (KTAIP), which will offer a direct route from Luqa to the Kirkop Tunnels, on Tuesday nig ...

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08 Jul

Rebuilding the Marsascala breakwater

Infrastructure Malta is starting the second phase of a project to rebuild the old breakwater and its adjacent quays in the inner part of Marsascala Bay. This €1.9 million project started last year with the reconstruction of 140 metres ...

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30 May

Lifting the first beams of the Mriehel Underpass ceiling slab

Infrastructure Malta is lifting in place the concrete beams that will support the ceiling slab of the new Mriehel Underpass. Infrastructure Malta launched Mriehel Underpass Project in 2021, to build a 60-metre tunnel connecting L-Imdina ...

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13 May

Laying the high voltage cables for shore-to-ship electricity in the Grand Harbour

Infrastructure Malta is completing the laying of the high voltage underground cables that will energise shore-to-ship electricity systems for cruise liners visiting Malta, cutting 90% of their air pollution in the Grand Harbour. Grand Ha ...

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18 Apr

New outdoor art gallery at the Marsa Junction

Infrastructure Malta and the The Mikiel Anton Vassalli College – Malta School of Art set up a new outdoor art gallery along the principal walking and cycling track and bus lay-by of the Marsa Junction. The open-air gallery, the second ...

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10 Apr

Translocating endangered coral colonies at the Grand Harbour

Infrastructure Malta translocated pillow coral colonies from Pinto Wharf to other areas of the Grand Harbour, to protect them before it starts works to extend this wharf’s quays in the coming months. Mediterranean cushion coral (C ...

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16 Mar

1400 trees and shrubs for three Naxxar roads

Infrastructure Malta is launching a project to embellish Margaret A. Murray Road, Andrea Debono Road and Jean Houel Road in Naxxar with 400 trees and 1,000 shrubs. These three interconnected main roads between the Naxxar end of Tal-Balal ...

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27 Feb

Upgrading the ASMK motorsport complex

Infrastructure Malta is supporting the motorsport organisation Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi (ASMK) in a major upgrade of its racing complex at Ta’ Qali. The ASMK racing complex is Malta’s principal track for autocross, motocr ...

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19 Feb

First Grand Harbour Clean Air Project frequency converters in place

Infrastructure Malta installed the first three of four frequency converters that will convert electricity to supply shoreside electricity to cruise liners in the Grand Harbour, cutting 90% of their air pollution. Grand Harbour Clean Air ...

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