14 Feb
Progress on the Extension of Two Quays at the Grand Harbour

Progress on the Extension of Two Quays at the Grand Harbour

The work on extending two quays at the Grand Harbour is progressing well. Upon completion, Pinto 4/5 and Lascaris will merge into a single quay, measuring approximately 350 meters in length.

The Infrastructure Malta project, undertaken with an investment of around €25 million and European co-financing from the Cohesion Fund, aims to provide infrastructure that enables cruise liners to dock without the need for barges.

Situated behind the Customs area towards the Valletta Waterfront, the quays are being extended by 15 meters. This extension will permit large ships to berth directly at the quay, eliminating the current necessity for barges to facilitate passenger disembarkation and boarding.

This intricate project involves professional divers who are overseeing the installation of large precast concrete structures. These will form the foundation of another significant piece of infrastructure. The work is conducted at an average depth of twenty meters, where the new concrete structures will integrate with the existing ones.

By addressing the requirements of the cruise liner industry, this project complements the Government's ongoing efforts in the regeneration of the area around the Grand Harbour.