30 Nov

Grand Harbour Clean Air Project gets underway

Infrastructure Malta is kicking off the first phase of the Grand Harbour Clean Air Project, which will cut over 90% of the air pollution that cruise liners and Ro-Ro ships produce when visiting Malta's principal port. The Grand Harbour C ...

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23 Nov

27,600 plants for longest green wall in Malta

Infrastructure Malta is using 27,600 flowering plants to give life to the longest green wall in Malta, as this €500,000 environmental investment at the Marsa-Hamrun Bypass nears its final stages. The new vertical garden is covering a 3 ...

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20 Nov

Foundation structures of Gheriexem Belvedere almost ready

Infrastructure Malta is completing the complex foundation structures that will support the reconstruction of Rabat’s scenic Gheriexem Road with a new belvedere, whilst stopping decades of subsidence damage to its structure and to nearby b ...

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19 Nov

Rebuilding the Chadwick Lakes bridge deck

Infrastructure Malta is rebuilding part of the bridge crossing the Chadwick Lakes watercourse in the Ta’ Slampa area of Rabat, to repair structural damages which have recently necessitated its closure. This bridge connects the lane alo ...

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16 Nov

New Corradino bridge for pedestrians and cyclists

Infrastructure Malta opened the new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists connecting Corradino and the MCAST Campus with the centre of Paola.    Il-Pont tal-Għaqda (Unity Bridge) spans 25 metres over Dom Mintoff Road, formerly k ...

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14 Nov

All Marsa Junction Project flyovers now open

All of the seven flyovers of the Marsa Junction Project are now open to road users, facilitating direct, uninterrupted connections between the major routes converging at the busiest intersection of the Maltese road network. On Saturday m ...

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