01 Dec
The High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) for the TEN-T Core Grand Harbour Port, Malta

The High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) for the TEN-T Core Grand Harbour Port, Malta

Infrastructure Malta has completed a transformative project that introduces shore-to-ship electricity systems for cruise liners visiting Malta. This initiative promises to slash 90% of air pollution in the Grand Harbour.

The investment, facilitated by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility, seeks to provide onshore power supply along specific quays within the TEN-T CORE Port of the Grand Harbour that accommodate cruise liner vessels. The later require substantial energy while berthed and then to use their auxiliary engines which in turn burn marine gas oil with 0.1% sulphur in order to meet their energy requirements. In doing so, the vessels generate harmful emissions into the air as well as noise.

The use of Onshore Power Supply will result in significant reduction in air pollutions and greenhouse gases emissions. The importance of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is accentuated by the fact that the Grand Harbour is located within close proximity to highly-densely populated residential and business areas. The investment seeks to contribute towards EU and national climate change objectives in line with commitments to reduce the carbon footprint of land-based port activities and the decarbonisation of shipping activities. 

The project has invested in the provision of high voltage shore connection mainly for the cruise liners. The works included the electrical works required for the provision of the necessary system and the onshore power supply equipment along quays on the outer region of the Grand Harbour, namely the quays at Pinto Wharf, Deep Water Quay and Boiler Wharf. 

A total of 17 connection points have been installed along the above mentioned quays and cruise liners which are Onshore Power Supply enabled can now hook up to the land side electrical system for the provision of its energy supply requirements whilst berthed in the port.