22 Nov

The Shore-to-Ship project advances to trial phase on cruise liners

The Shore-to-Ship project is currently in a pivotal testing stage, characterised by trials conducted on cruise liners. This notable advancement seeks to enable the cessation of ship engines upon arrival at the Grand Harbour, leading to a sm ...

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28 Oct

No Plans for Marina Development in Sally Port: Sign Clarification

PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR TRANSPORT, INFRASTRUCTURE AND CAPITAL PROJECTS The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects confirms that there will be no development of a marina in Sally Port.  That which wa ...

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10 Jul

Infrastructure Malta is nearing the completion of the final phase at the southern part of the Shore Supply Project

Infrastructure Malta is nearing the completion of the final phase at the southern part of the Shore Supply Project, as testing of shoreside electrical equipment at Boiler Wharf, Senglea, is 95% completed. With the frequency converter sta ...

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06 Sep

Further investments by Infrastructure Malta for extensive improvements in the Grand Harbour

  Infrastructure Malta is implementing further investments to improve upon commercial activities in the Grand Harbour, particularly to create more facilities for larger vessels. The agency is carrying out major dredging work in v ...

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08 Jul

Rebuilding the Marsascala breakwater

Infrastructure Malta is starting the second phase of a project to rebuild the old breakwater and its adjacent quays in the inner part of Marsascala Bay. This €1.9 million project started last year with the reconstruction of 140 metres ...

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20 Dec

New Cospicua ferry landing facilities in first half of 2022

Infrastructure Malta is opening new landing facilities for ferry passengers in Cospicua during the first half of 2022, after final installation works in the coming months.  The new ferry landing facilities form part of a €5 millio ...

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07 Sep

Protecting the Maghluq area of Marsaxlokk

Infrastructure Malta is implementing a €2 million project to protect the Marsaxlokk Nature Reserve and the sandy beach and fishers’ marina next to it from coastal erosion. The agency is piloting an infrastructural intervention to red ...

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25 May

Final works of Gozo to Valletta fast ferry terminals

Infrastructure Malta is entering the final stages of a €2.5 million project to build new terminals for the new Gozo-Valletta fast ferry service starting next month.  Earlier this year, Infrastructure Malta was commissioned by Tran ...

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04 Mar

Grand Harbour Clean Air Project cable works gather pace

As the first phase of the Grand Harbour Clean Air Project gathers pace, Infrastructure Malta has already laid over eight kilometres of the cables required to make Malta’s principal port one of the first in Europe to introduce shore power ...

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28 Jan

Infrastructure Malta completes Qrejten Breakwater Project

Infrastructure Malta completed the new 110-metre Qrejten Breakwater, a €4 million EU-funded investment to shelter the Marsaxlokk fishing port and surrounding coastal areas. For many years, Marsaxlokk fishers have been calling for a new ...

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