04 Nov
New Mriehel access road construction in progress

New Mriehel access road construction in progress

Infrastructure Malta is starting the construction of a new road connecting the Mriehel Industrial Estate with Il-Kanun Road, Qormi.

The new stretch of road forms part of two existing roads, L-Intornjatur Street, in parallel with the Mriehel Bypass, and L-Industrija Street, corner with Il-Kanun Road. This connection has been included in development plans for many years, but was never built, restricting access to and from the Mriehel Industrial Estate and nearby residential areas. Infrastructure Malta is now building this road to create a new link between the Mriehel Industrial Estate, Qormi and Santa Venera. 

The construction of the unbuilt parts of these two roads is being coordinated in collaboration with Central Business District Malta, the foundation entrusted with the upgrading of the Mriehel Industrial Estate’s infrastructure. The ongoing works also form part of this Foundation’s 2019-2022 plan to improve the main access points of this industrial zone. Other works to upgrade several nearby junctions, including the T-Junction between the Mriehel Bypass and In-Negozju Road, are being planned for the coming years.      

Infrastructure Malta’s contractors started preparations to lay the road foundations and several new underground networks on Monday morning. The building of this stretch of road, extending over half a kilometre, also includes new storm water catchments and pipelines, a new street lighting system and pavements. The two roads leading to it and their footpaths will be repaired and upgraded as well.

“The three-year plan to consolidate the Mriehel Industrial Estate’s public infrastructure will continue to improve the environment and the quality of life of people who work in this area or visit its businesses,” explained Mr Keith Fenech, Chief Executive Officer of Central Business District Malta. “Connecting L-Intornjatur Street with In-Negozju Street and L-Industrija Street will build on the improvements we have already implemented in recent months to facilitate access to this area.” 

Ing. Fredrick Azzopardi, Chief Executive Officer of Infrastructure Malta, thanked the Central Business District for its commitment to create better quality public infrastructure in this area. “The ongoing works and other upcoming upgrades in this fast-growing area will improve road safety and provide new alternative routes for all road users, not just for workers of this industrial zone. Residents living nearby, in Birkirkara, Qormi, Mriehel and Santa Venera will also benefit from these new roads.”

In the same region, Infrastructure Malta is currently working to rebuild the arterial road corridor between the Mriehel Bypass, Birkirkara, Balzan, Attard and Ta’ Qali, through the Central Link Project. This major project, which started being planned decades ago, will alleviate existing congestion and air quality difficulties along this route and several nearby residential roads in these localities, whilst providing the necessary capacity and sustainability to meet future transport requirements.