08 Sep
Ensuring safety of Marsa Junction Project workers

Ensuring safety of Marsa Junction Project workers

Infrastructure Malta is collaborating with public health authorities to ensure the safety of its employees and contractors after workers in one of its project sites tested positive for Covid-19.

The agency was informed that a few workers at the Marsa Junction Project site were diagnosed with Coronavirus. It immediately provided all required information to the health authorities and supported the project contractor to take additional measures to protect its employees and other workers on site, whilst providing the required medical assistance to the affected employees.

All workers who could have been in contact with the ones who tested positive for the virus are being requested to get tested and to self-isolate for a few weeks, whilst seeking further advice from the government's Covid-19 support services, as necessary.

Infrastructure Malta is also in talks with the Marsa Junction Project contractor to limit the impact of this situation on the completion timelines. This week, the contractor was working to complete the final works of three new flyovers and open more lanes of this €70 million multi-level intersection project. To ensure workers' safety, the opening of these lanes and flyovers may now have to be postponed by a few weeks.

Earlier this year the agency asked its contractors to implement several measures to protect workers, their families and nearby communities from the spread of Covid-19. These measures are still applicable to all its work sites, in addition to all directives issued by the health authorities for the public. 

Amongst other precautions, workers are keeping a safe distance from each other whilst on site and breaks in groups are not allowed. Meetings in enclosed areas, such as site offices, are being avoided, as the project teams are making increased use of alternative communication channels. All surfaces on site, including tools and machinery, are being cleaned more often.

Whilst reaffirming its commitment to the wellbeing of its employees, contractors and other stakeholders, Infrastructure Malta will continue to monitor the situation in constant consultation with the health authorities, to make sure that any additional measures that may be necessary are immediately implemented.