30 Jun
Completion of Infrastructure Improvement Work Leading to Ċirkewwa Terminal

Completion of Infrastructure Improvement Work Leading to Ċirkewwa Terminal

Infrastructure Malta has completed an infrastructure project aimed at facilitating and better organising traffic around the Ċirkewwa Terminal. This project involved the construction of a continuous lane dedicated to vehicles heading towards Gozo, starting from the Armier roundabout and extending to the Ċirkewwa Terminal. Infrastructure Malta also took advantage of necessary road maintenance to integrate it with this reorganisation project.

With this €7 million investment, the journey for individuals travelling to Gozo is being facilitated without restricting access to areas around the terminal for workers, public transport, and non-Gozo-bound traffic. Over the past 13 years, traffic congestion has disrupted public and emergency transport services, especially when the car queue for the ferry extended beyond the marshalling area, causing significant challenges for others needing access to Ċirkewwa, including emergency vehicles and divers. This project also addresses the record number of trips being registered to and from Gozo.

The project spanned two and a half kilometers, replacing the steel barriers separating the two carriageways with concrete structures certified for maximum safety. The introduction of these concrete barriers, which Infrastructure Malta first implemented in 2019, has enabled more efficient use of space. The new road design aims to prevent vehicles from crossing between carriageways and includes the installation of a new lighting system and enhanced safety measures.

The work on this project, which began in mid-February, was completed as promised before the start of the summer season.