22 Nov

The Shore-to-Ship project advances to trial phase on cruise liners

The Shore-to-Ship project is currently in a pivotal testing stage, characterised by trials conducted on cruise liners. This notable advancement seeks to enable the cessation of ship engines upon arrival at the Grand Harbour, leading to a sm ...

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21 Nov

Infrastructure Malta welcomes positive response to Msida Creek Project tender

Infrastructure Malta is pleased to announce the successful closure of the tender call process for the Msida Creek project, a significant infrastructure development. The project involves the construction of a new flyover intended to replace ...

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28 Oct

No Plans for Marina Development in Sally Port: Sign Clarification

PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR TRANSPORT, INFRASTRUCTURE AND CAPITAL PROJECTS The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects confirms that there will be no development of a marina in Sally Port.  That which wa ...

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12 Oct

The Planning Authority approves Msida Creek Project

After years of consultations, discussions, studies, and planning, the Msida Creek project plans proposed by Infrastructure Malta have been approved by the Planning Authority today. The project, which has undergone a redesign based on dis ...

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25 Sep

Student Placements arising from Infrastructure Malta and Department of Spatial Planning and Infrastructure collaboration

Infrastructure Malta and the Department of Spatial Planning and Infrastructure at the University of Malta's Faculty for the Built Environment have teamed up to offer internships to nine students. These students come from various academic le ...

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10 Jul

A safety upgrade project along the Mriehel Bypass

Infrastructure Malta is implementing a safety upgrade project along both carriageways of the Mriehel Bypass and upgrading the existing junction leading to the Mriehel Industrial Estate. Through this safety upgrade project, the Agency will i ...

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10 Jul

Infrastructure Malta is nearing the completion of the final phase at the southern part of the Shore Supply Project

Infrastructure Malta is nearing the completion of the final phase at the southern part of the Shore Supply Project, as testing of shoreside electrical equipment at Boiler Wharf, Senglea, is 95% completed. With the frequency converter sta ...

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21 Mar

Infrastructure Malta completes the Mriehel Underpass Project

Infrastructure Malta completed the Mriehel Underpass Project, creating a direct route from L-Imdina Road to the Mriehel Bypass, next to the Malta Financial Services Authority offices. The two-lane 60-metre underpass is located beneat ...

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23 Oct

Infrastructure Malta revisits the Msida Creek Project

Infrastructure Malta will be submitting new plans to the Planning Authority for the Msida Creek Project development applications.   Other than the building of a new flyover to replace the Msida Creek traffic lights junction and s ...

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18 Oct

Opening of new Mriehel Underpass

Infrastructure Malta opened the new Mriehel Underpass connecting L-Imdina Road with the Mriehel Bypass, at the junction next to the Malta Financial Services Authority offices (MFSA). Another uninterrupted connection that crosses over ...

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